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Before I started this online adventure I was diagnosed with LPR. Without going through a detailed explanation (click on the link if you want) I was told to lose weight and eat a very different diet – a low acidity, low-fat one. I have been on that diet for 8 weeks and lost 30 pound so far. No money jokes please! A few people have noticed and I do feel better because of it. Many of my friends and family have asked how I have done it and I attempt to explain to them my diet. It is low acid, low fat and I originally thought no fun and no taste. I was wrong. I had to rethink things quickly and being a decent cook,

Told you I can cook! Homemade pasta

I set out to try to create my favourite foods without all the naughty bits . Thankfully it has worked pretty well and I thought it would be awesome to share it.


When I first started this diet there was not much information out there for recipes – well I couldn’t really find them that easily! I have had a few food disasters along the way, but as with all experiments there’s always a few hiccups to getting the results you want.

I love food. Simply put, bar my wife and kids, food has been the love of my life. It has never failed to make me happy at that those most desperate ‘life moments’. However, like any long-lasting relationships – my relationship with food has had its up and downs, just like my weight. The two are inextricably  linked. It’s just not fair…

I’ve been nagged by a few people to write my diet down and then a friend of mine (shout out to Nikki Walsh) said to put it in my blog. So to sound a little cliché – as I go on my food journey, I am going to share what works and hopefully some may be able to add to my recipe collection. I am a great believer in sharing ideas so if anyone has any more recipes that I can eat, please send them my way.  But before that I wanted to say a little bit about the one thing I have had to say goodbye to….

My Chocolate Divorce

‘Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays’ 


Chocolate is most certainly the most delicious and the most evil substance on this earth for me.  Believe it or not, I have driven miles in the middle of the night to satisfy a craving for this sweet delight! I have specific memories linked and triggered by chocolate..sounds silly and over exaggerated I know…sadly it is completely true! When I think of a Mars bar, I think of a school trip when I was 11 and going on a 5 mile walk. I ate three on the way round. When I think of Cadbury’s Fuse, I think of Friday nights watching Fawlty Towers with Basil Fawlty. There’s many more but I won’t bore you. By my own admission, it is ridiculous and weird, but also mildly fascinating to discover how my mind works. I hope I am not the only one, in fact I am sure I’m not. Needless to say, giving up this lovely has been difficult – more difficult than giving up fags and developing an exercise habit (still working on the latter).

Like many divorces, there has been a splitting of assets: I have lost pounds, saved £££’s on avoiding expensive shopping excursions and I am now left bitter and twisted. I am kidding obviously. For those of you that enjoy chocolate and can still eat it, I envy you! Yet I am still glad I can’t eat it anymore  – in fact it is easy when you can’t eat it for medical reasons. For those of you that want to lose some weight like I am at the moment, putting this item on hold for a little while is obviously a sensible idea, or at least, eat smaller amounts. As I wrote that last line, I had a memory of when going on a school trip and spending £28.65 on chocolate to eat on the way to Alton Towers. Told you it was a weird thing. Anyway, I can tell I am starting to waffle on so I will end with this. Farewell my dear friend chocolate…you were fun!

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I will post my first recipe soon….. Spice Friendly Curry (Low Fat) – I can’t eat spicy food anymore. This was a breakthrough recipe!!



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