Easy Peasy Pasta

This pasta is so simple to make… It takes minutes and very little effort.

You need 300g of pasta flour, 3 eggs, some salt (a pinch or two), a teaspoon of rapeseed or olive oil. 

Chuck it in a food processor and blend. It doesn’t take long to come together. When it’s done knead it a little and separate it in to 4 quarters.  Cover it in cling film for 30 mins to rest. 

I use a pasta maker to flatten and cut it. 

I hang it for about an hour and then it takes minutes til it’s ready. 

Worth buying a pasta maker just to do this. I used to do it the old fashioned way which took me ages, but this way takes me 10 mins and tastes so much better than the dried stuff. 


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Stay at home/ Work from Home Dad. Have two amazing, totally non typical kids that drive me crazy and make me happy simultaneously. Avid lover of all things food. Love technology and all things sci-fi.

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