Layered Low Fat Fruit Gingersu

Layered Low Fat Fruit Gingersu


I have adapted this recipe from a Gino D’Campo Tiramisu recipe. When I could eat freely, this was one of my ‘favs’ to make. I first made it when I had my brother inlaw and his wife over for dinner. It was delicious and really easy to make. Cue ‘LPR disappointment’ – I can’t eat that anymore. Seeing as I love desserts, and with Tiramisu being my all time favourite Italian dessert, I knew I had to make an adaptation that was still a bit naughty and one that I could eat at the same time.


For two people (Me and the Mrs)

¼ of Jamaican Ginger Cake – sliced thinly and chilled.

Tea spoon of pureed ginger for cherry syrup

25g sugar – caster

2 teaspoon of icing sugar

Tea spoon of honey

100ml of water

A slug of malibu

5 large strawberries, cherries and raspberries – chopped into quarters

150g of lightest cream cheese – 0.8g fat per 30g (You can use mascarpone instead if you’re in extra cheat mode)


To make the Syrup

Put the cherries,sugar,half of the ginger,honey, the Malibu and about a 100 ml of water into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Wait for it to thicken to the consistency of a soup-like liquid. Let it cool for 10 mins before adding to the dessert.

To make the spice and sweetened cream cheese filling.

Scoop the cream cheese into a bowl and add the ginger and icing sugar. Mix until combined. Put in the fridge to keep cool.

Assembly time

Layer the bottom of the dessert glass with Ginger cake in the bottom. Place some of the syrup mixture with some cherries on top. Let the syrup soak in before adding some strawberries,raspberries and cream cheese mixture. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount. I don’t over do it because I am being careful, but if you feel the need I won’t judge.

I add a couple of more bits of fruit to the top and add some dark chocolate shavings and some grated almonds to the top for some texture. It’s pure heaven!

If you try this, please make sure to let me know your thoughts or suggestions for improvements. I am always open to new ideas.


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